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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A private middle school in Fort Worth, Texas requested a fleet of three charter buses for an upcoming eighth-grade class trip to Austin. The educational tour included visits to the Texas State Capitol, the LBJ Presidential Library, and the University of Texas at Austin campus. With a total of 120 students, 12 teachers, and 8 chaperones, the school needed buses with a combined seating capacity of at least 140. The trip duration was 3 days and 2 nights, with the buses transporting the group between Austin attractions each day. Hotel accommodations were arranged for the bus team during the overnight stays. Given the long travel distance of over 200 miles each way and the multi-day itinerary, the charter bus company charged a higher daily rate for this rental. However, by splitting the cost among all passengers, the per-person price for comfortable and convenient group transportation remained reasonable.

Example #2:

A Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas recently hired us to shuttle their employees between a downtown hotel and the convention center for their annual corporate conference. With over 200 employees attending from across the country, they needed a fleet of 5 full-size charter buses to accommodate their group. Since the conference spanned 3 days with 8-hour rental periods each day, we charged a daily rate of $1,200 per bus. Their total cost for the 5-bus rental came out to $18,000, not including parking fees, tolls, and team accommodations. Despite the high price tag, splitting the cost across 200 employees made this a very affordable $90 per person for reliable transportation!

Example #3:

A high school football team in Fort Worth, Texas recently booked a charter bus rental to transport them to a regional tournament in Dallas. With 45 players, 10 coaches, and an extensive amount of equipment and luggage, the team needed a full-size charter bus with ample storage space. The 50-mile trip from Fort Worth to Dallas was priced at $800 for the day, plus an additional $150 team’s hotel fee for the overnight stay. The team was also responsible for covering any tolls or parking fees along the route. To keep costs down, the team booked their bus rental 4 months in advance during the off-season and ensured they filled every available seat on the bus.

Example #4:

A private middle school in Fort Worth, Texas booked a charter bus for their 8th grade class trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. With 125 students and 12 chaperones, they needed a full-size charter bus to accommodate everyone comfortably. The trip included transportation from the school to the museum, a guided tour, and then return transportation back to the school campus. Since this was a single-day local trip, the charter bus company charged an hourly rate with a minimum of 5 hours required. The total cost for the 6-hour rental was $690, which came out to just $5 per person when split among the 137 passengers. The affordable per-person rate made the charter bus a cost-effective and convenient option for the school’s field trip!

Example #5:

A bride-to-be in Fort Worth, Texas recently booked transportation for her upcoming wedding festivities. With several events spread across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, she needed a reliable shuttle service to transport her wedding party and guests from their hotel to each venue. For the rehearsal dinner in downtown Fort Worth, she reserved a 25-passenger minibus for 4 hours at a rate of $50 per hour, totaling $200. On her wedding day, she upgraded to a full-size 56-passenger charter bus to shuttle guests from the ceremony at a local church to the reception venue 20 miles away. The charter bus rental cost $750 for 6 hours of service. To accommodate her out-of-town guests, she also scheduled a shuttle from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to their hotel, which was an additional $300 for 3 hours of service. With parking fees, gratuity, and taxes included, her total transportation costs for the wedding weekend amounted to $1,400.

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